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I look forward to connecting with you about your loc journey.  My speciality is in Sisterlocks™. ​I only do Sisterlocks™, microlocs, and interlocs​.  The difference is in the grid and size.  

  • A Sisterlocks™​ grid is the proprietary parting system established by Sisterlocks™. With Sisterlocks™​, There is several details that cannot be changed to include specific number of locs depending on density of hair and only three sizes. The starting price for establishing 4" Sisterlocks™ is $997 which is a package of 3 visits.  

    • First Visit: The Consultation- During this session we will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preferences and your lifestyle in order to determine if Sisterlocks is right for you. We will also have a cluster of "SAMPLE LOCKS" put in your hair to see if they will hold, check sizes, verify the amount of scalp showing, settling-in time, etc. This consultation is essential for both of us to ensure you get your Sisterlocks done in the most suitable way.

    • Second Visit: The Locking Session- *The Locking session may take multiple days so plan accordingly.  Bring a good book as the locking process can take anywhere from 10-20 hours or even longer in some cases. The average Sisterlocks customer will leave this session with an average of 400 locks and a whole new attitude! I will provide you with a "Starter Kit" that includes the proper shampoo for starting your locks, tiny rubber bands and "tip sheets" on grooming and shampooing as your locks settle in. Be sure to schedule your follow-up visit before you leave. Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks over time.

    • Third Visit: The follow-up re-tightening (after at least 2 shampooings) - This visit should be scheduled after at least two shampooings, which is usually within one month from the date of your locking session. I will monitor the integrity of your locks, tighten them up and give you an idea of how long the settling-in process is likely to take. We can also begin discussing styling tips for the 'total look' that's right for you! As a part of the Sisterlocks™ package, you receive a 3-4 week follow-up after your locking session. If you do not make your follow-up appointment within 4 weeks, the follow-up appointment included in your package will be voided. The next appointment would be considered a full retightening session where normal rates apply.

  • Microlocs are smaller than traditional locs but, can be similar to Sisterlocks™ in size​.  The grid pattern doesn't have to be a specific pattern like Sisterlocks™. DIYers like to establish or start their locs by braiding or two strand twisting. However, I recommend the interlocking method to avoid slippage, aka unravelling. This will save time and money in the long run. Starting price for establishing 4" microlocs​ is $879.

  • Interlocs ​​are bigger than microlocs and Sisterlocks™​.​The pattern of the grid is established by us. A tool is used to interloc. The pattern of the grid doesn't have to be a specific pattern like Sisterlocks™. Starting price for establishing 4" Interlocs​​ is $749. ​​

Down Payment or Consultation Fee and Payment

Down Payment/Consultation Fee

  • A down payment of $50 or a non refundable consultation fee of $50 is required for new establishments as well as transfer clients. Deposits or down payments are required to secure your desired date for a consultation.​This will be applied towards the establishment or retightening of locs if you decided to move forward.  This fee is non refundable otherwise. 

  • $397 down payment is due to book a save the date for your loc establishment. 

  • For Sisterlocks™ ​Transfer Clients- Transfer clients must have had their Sisterlocks™ established by a Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant or Trainee. A consultation is required prior to scheduling an appointment.

  • The remaining balance is due at the end of the first day of the installation. All deposits go towards the final cost of the establishment and must only go towards establishments. 

  • A Deposit is required to schedule retightening appointments. Deposits for retightening are transferable only if the reschedule is requested 72 hours in advance and is moved to a slot +/- 7 days of the original appointment subject to availability. If your appointment is cancelled you forfeit your deposit.



Glorious Locks NHB accepts all major credit cards, cash, Paypal, and Cash app. Advanced payments can be made online and in person. Pricing of based on hair density and length. 

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